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IXION, a city-building survival simulation video game developed by Bulwark Studios and published by Kasedo Games, was released for Windows on December 7, 2022.

The game’s premise is intriguing: players control a mobile space station traveling across space in search of a suitable planet for colonization after Earth was destroyed.

Deep and complex gameplay is yours to be had

The game is known for its long playtime, with the first playthrough typically clocking in at over 60 hours. The game has been praised for its innovative gameplay and compelling sci-fi narrative. It elegantly balances the dynamic play of a colony simulation with a meticulously directed sci-fi narrative, making it a must-play for city-building lovers.

City building…in space

However, it’s not without its flaws.

Some players have reported technical issues, including severe framerate drops, screen lock-ups, and erratic menus. Despite these setbacks, the game has received positive reviews overall, scoring 54 percent on PC Gamer, 74 percent on OpenCritic, and 7 out of 10 on Steam.

The story of IXION is filled with intrigue and suspense. Players are tasked with locating Protagoras, an experimental Dolos vessel that vanished from the solar system following an accident. This is the first step in a much longer quest that involves a surprisingly belligerent United-Nations taskforce tracking down Dolos vessels and a mysterious group called the Black Market Society.

The final act of the game evokes more Lovecraftian horror than the logistical challenges of a traditional base-builder, with various endings available depending on key decisions made during the journey.

Despite its technical hiccups, steep learning curve and pacing issues, IXION offers a unique gaming experience. Its intricate management sim wrapped in a grand sci-fi narrative provides players with a challenging yet rewarding journey through space. Whether you’re a fan of city-building games or a sci-fi enthusiast, IXION is a game worth exploring.


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