Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Legendary MMO Designer ‘Ghostcrawler’ Announces New MMORPG

As we read announcement after announcement from studios laying people off. Greg Street known as Ghostwalker has announced his team’s new project.

A brand new MMORPG codenamed ‘Ghost’ (appropriate for his name)

Little is known about the title yet but it does appear to be a brand new universe and not one based on any existing IP.

Greg Street for those that don’t know was lead system designer for World of Warcraft before joining Riot games to work on their upcoming MMORPG based on League of Legends.

The website goes into little detail but does reveal that players will travel to world shards to power up their characters and bring back resources. (Sounds like a PVP setup)

The team over at Fantastic Pixel Castle is made up of veteran game designers and hopes are of course high.

Check out Ghostcrawler’s Twitter (X) for more details:

Fantastic Pixel Castle on X: “Hello! ? We are Fantastic Pixel Castle, a new games studio making an epic AAA MMORPG codenamed Ghost. To learn more about our studio and vision for Ghost, visit our website at 1/3” / X (

From Greg Street:

“In our game, you will alternate between private realms that we’re calling Blue Shards for you and your friends, and more public Red Shards that deliver a more traditional massively multiplayer experience.

“Blue Shards play a bit like a survival game – you and your friends can gather resources, construct bases, and adventure out into the wilderness. Blue Shards are extremely variable, ensuring a place full of new discoveries and challenges, guaranteeing that you’ll never see the same Blue Shard twice. Because the Blue Shards belong to you, your effects on them are persistent and permanent. If you prefer a more competitive experience, you can host or join Blue Shards focused on guild rivalry, or even guild-versus-guild PvP.

“Red Shards are crafted by some of the best world artists and encounter designers to provide a signature massively multiplayer experience with many players at once. Red Shards are some of the most challenging places in the game to survive, so your group will need to band together with other groups to defeat world bosses, collect critical resources, and even open the gates to the end-game raiding instances. We expect some of you may prefer Blue or Red Shards, but the core way to play Ghost is to travel between both regularly as well as to Ghost’s central city.”

Stay tuned to our site for all the upcoming details on this title as they release.

Fantastic Pixel Castle Studio Official Website – NetEase Games


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