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Enshrouded: An Early Access Survival RPG Worth Your Time

Enshrouded, a third-person survival RPG, has entered the market as an Early Access Game. Crafted by Keen Games, it’s an amalgamation of various RPG mechanics and survival crafting elements that are taking the gaming community by storm. Even though it’s still in its early stages, Enshrouded has managed to garner quite a following, thanks to its unique gameplay and immersive world-building.

A Game That Checks All The Boxes

Enshrouded is an action-packed survival RPG that cleverly integrates crafting and questing into a satisfying gameplay loop. As you navigate through the stunning locales of a world overrun by the dangerous Shroud, you’ll encounter a variety of challenges and rewards. The game also offers a diverse selection of buildable structures and equipment, catering to a broad range of player preferences.

A Unique Blend Of Different Genres

Enshrouded masterfully blends several elements from different gaming genres, providing a unique gameplay experience. The game integrates the best aspects of survival crafting games, such as the dynamic building system of Minecraft and the challenging survival aspects of Ark Survival Ascended, with the RPG mechanics of games like Elden Ring. This unique blend gives Enshrouded a distinct identity in the gaming landscape.


A World Riddled With Secrets

Enshrouded’s massive open world, Embervale, is teeming with secrets waiting to be discovered. The game’s world is not procedurally generated; instead, it’s prebuilt and meticulously designed. The world is filled with points of interest, such as ruins, villages, wells, and ravines, offering players unlimited opportunities for exploration and discovery.

The Shroud: A Double-Edged Sword

One of the most distinctive features of Enshrouded is the Shroud. This magical fog covers large portions of Embervale and is inhabited by dangerous foes. Venturing into the Shroud initiates a timer, and if the timer runs out, your character dies. While the Shroud adds a layer of risk and excitement to the game, it can also be frustrating due to its oppressive atmosphere and low visibility.

A Unique Selling Point

The Shroud, despite being the least favorite part of the game for some players, is a key selling point that sets Enshrouded apart from other survival crafting games. It introduces an element of danger and urgency that adds to the overall thrill of the game. It forces players to plan ahead, strategize, and prepare for their forays into the foggy regions.

A World Beyond The Shroud

While the Shroud is a notable aspect of Enshrouded, the game has much more to offer beyond it. Embervale is a sprawling, painstakingly crafted world that is densely populated with unique points of interest. The world is truly gorgeous, and there’s plenty to do and explore outside the Shroud-covered regions.

A Builder’s Paradise

Among the game’s many features, the building system in Enshrouded stands out as the most impressive aspect. Keen Games has built upon the foundations of their previous voxel venture, Portal Knights, to deliver a building system that’s probably the best in the survival crafting genre.

An Expansive Building Mode

Enshrouded’s building mode is both powerful and easy to use. Players can use various premade shapes to quickly construct walls, floors, stairs, and roof parts. But the real magic lies in the flexibility of these shapes. Once placed, players can modify these shapes, sculpting out windows or adding decorative touches.

Intuitive Controls

The game’s building controls are remarkably intuitive. Players can easily switch between different building parts and materials using the mouse wheel. This straightforward control scheme, coupled with the game’s rustic-looking building materials, makes the construction experience in Enshrouded fun and satisfying.

A Rich Story With Engaging Quests

Enshrouded features a rich storyline and engaging quests that help guide players through the game. Early quests involve gathering materials to craft essential items, such as the Grappling Hook and the Glider, which significantly enhance mobility in the game’s vast world. As players progress, they’ll encounter various NPC characters who assign quests and offer different kinds of recipes.

Combat In Enshrouded

Combat in Enshrouded can best be described as a “clunky soulslike” system. There’s dodging, parrying, and a variety of weapons to choose from. While the combat system isn’t perfect, it’s still more refined than most combat systems in the survival crafting genre.

A Variety Of Weapons

Enshrouded offers a variety of weapons, including swords, axes, bows, and staves. However, some players may find these weapons lacking in character. Despite this, the combat system in Enshrouded requires players to pay attention to enemy attack patterns and adapt accordingly.

Early Access Quirks And Technical Difficulties

Being an Early Access game, Enshrouded has its share of quirks and technical difficulties. Players have reported issues with crashing and saving, as well as performance issues. However, the developers have been quick to address these concerns, releasing hotfixes to resolve major problems. Despite these issues, the game runs reasonably well on high-spec PCs.

A Promising Future

Despite its early stage and the challenges it faces, Enshrouded shows great promise. The game’s exquisite building system, evocative world, and sound combat mechanics make it a strong contender in the survival crafting genre. With further polish and development, Enshrouded could one day stand among the titans of the genre

4 Out of 5

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