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The Inquisitor – A Comprehensive Review

The world of video games is perpetually evolving, with new titles frequently hitting the market, vying for the attention of avid gamers. One such riveting entrant is The Inquisitor, a game that has piqued the interest of many. This article aims to provide an in-depth review of The Inquisitor, exploring its various facets from gameplay to graphics.


The Inquisitor is a dark fantasy adventure game that thrusts players into a grim narrative, rich with intrigue and mystery. Although it might appear a little rough around the edges, it offers a uniquely gripping experience that keeps players hooked.

The Narrative

The game’s narrative is based on the dark fantasy novels by Polish writer Jacek Piekara, where Jesus is portrayed not as a passive martyr, but a warrior who leads an army to destroy the Roman Empire. The player steps into the shoes of Mordimer Madderdin, a Holy Inquisitor of the church, tasked with hunting down heretics and maintaining the faith.

The story unfolds in the fictional European town of Koenigstein, where Mordimer is dispatched to investigate rumors of a vampire. As he delves deeper into the mysterious happenings, he discovers a series of bloody ritualistic murders and a far more sinister plot.

Gameplay Mechanics

The Inquisitor boasts of a range of gameplay mechanics. From detective work and investigation to combat and quick time events (QTEs), the game keeps players engaged with various tasks and challenges.

The detective portion of the game is slow-paced, focusing on dialogue and puzzles. Players will find themselves chatting with notable figures, interrogating suspects, and learning about in-game lore. The combat, on the other hand, is infrequent but dramatic, featuring light attacks, heavy attacks, counters, and parries.

The Unworld

One of the unique gameplay elements in The Inquisitor is the Unworld, a dark and sinister shadow realm. Mordimer uses his unique power to visit the Unworld to gather fragments of truth, presented as glowing orbs. However, the Unworld is not a safe place. Players must avoid the gaze of The Murk, a hovering abomination, and fend off wraith-like shadow warriors.

Visuals and Audio

Visuals in The Inquisitor are a mixed bag. There are moments of stunning beauty, with detailed environments and hazy, dappled light effects that build a compelling atmosphere. However, there are also times when the visuals are less impressive, with character models appearing out of proportion or wrong.

The audio aspect of the game presents a similar scenario. While some vocal performances are impressive, others can be jarring and inconsistent. The sound levels also seem to fluctuate, sometimes detracting from the overall experience.


Despite these visual and audio discrepancies, The Inquisitor runs flawlessly. It supports up to 120Hz displays and framerates, and offers ultrawide monitor support. The minimum system requirements are fairly basic, indicating that most PC gamers should have no trouble running the game at a playable framerate.


The Inquisitor offers a unique gaming experience with its dark narrative, intriguing gameplay mechanics, and engaging world-building. However, its rough edges, in terms of visuals, audio, and some gameplay aspects, prevent it from reaching its full potential. Nonetheless, for those who enjoy dark fantasy narratives and are willing to overlook its minor shortcomings, The Inquisitor represents a memorable gaming experience.

Despite its flaws, The Inquisitor has managed to garner mixed reviews from critics. According to OpenCritic, the game received a top critic average score of 43%, with PC Gamer rating it at 79 and IGN giving it a score of 6 out of 10. GamingTrend gave it a score of 40 out of 100, while GameMAG rated it at 6 out of 10. NoobFeed and GamesCreed gave it a score of 50 out of 100 and 3.4 out of 5, respectively.

In conclusion, The Inquisitor is a game with a lot of potentials. Its unique narrative and gameplay mechanics make it stand out, but it’s clear that there are some areas that need improvement. If you’re a fan of dark fantasy narratives and are looking for a game that offers a unique experience, The Inquisitor might be worth a shot.

The Inquisitor on Steam (

3.5 Out of 5


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