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Gord: A Game Worth Playing? A Complete Review

Embarking on an enthralling journey through a landscape shrouded in myth and darkness, Gord invites you to navigate the treacherous terrains of a fantasy version of Dark Age Europe. As a survival strategy game that seamlessly melds elements of city-building with harrowing adventures, Gord compels you to tame the wildlands and lead the Tribe of Dawn to prosperity. Developed by the seasoned Polish Studio Covenant and backed by the publishing prowess of Team17, the game forges a path through a realm inspired by the enigmatic depths of Slavic folklore. Setting itself apart with a unique sanity system, Gord ensures that every decision weighs heavily on the fate of your subjects, yielding a gameplay experience that’s as mentally engaging as it is visually striking. Available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X and S, this title stakes its claim in the landscape of PC gaming as a dark fantasy game worth your attention.

As you initiate your exploration into this detailed Gord review, prepare to delve into a comprehensive evaluation of its intricacies. From scrutinizing the story-driven campaign’s ten chapters to assessing the sandbox mode for custom scenarios, you’re primed to unpack the full extent of what Gord offers to aficionados of survival gaming and strategy games alike. Proceed with an analytical gaze as we chart a course through the gameplay mechanics that demand strategic prowess, consider the visual and atmospheric contributions to the game’s immersion, and address the challenges and limitations that might shape your experience. Whether Gord stands as an exemplar among city-building and dark fantasy games or falls prey to the pitfalls that critics highlight will be unwrapped herein, as we sift through its offerings to deduce whether this title merits inclusion in your gaming lexicon.

Overview of Gord: Setting and Premise

Venture into the grim world of Lysatia, a realm steeped in the arcane mysteries of Slavic mythology, and brace yourself for a strategy game experience unlike any other. “Gord” beckons you, the player, to assume the mantle of a supervisor under the command of King Izydor II, tasked with the daunting challenge of ensuring the survival of settlers in a swampy, monster-ridden land. Your journey with “Gord” unfolds as follows:

  • Setting the Scene: In “Gord,” the sun has perished, casting an eternal shadow over the land and its inhabitants. This dark fantasy world, where extended darkness gnaws at the sanity of people, is your new dominion. As a representative of a southern king with imperial ambitions, you’re thrust into the north, a territory teeming with monstrous entities, to establish dominion and uncover riches.
  • Narrative and Mythology: At the heart of the game’s story is the Tribe of the Dawn, embarking on a quest for a lucrative gold vein. The narrative progresses through immersive cutscenes and dialogues, intertwining the player’s strategic decisions with a tapestry of Slavic myths. Horrors drawn from these ancient tales play a pivotal role, demanding reverence and shaping your journey through tasks and quests.
  • Gameplay Dynamics: “Gord” combines the strategic depth of settlement management with the thrill of exploration and combat. Here’s what you can expect:
    • Settlement Management: Craft and oversee your very own Gord, ensuring the needs of your settlers are met amidst the lurking dangers.
    • Exploration and Strategy: Lead your units into the wilderness, harnessing both martial prowess and arcane magic to fend off the Horrors that dwell within.
    • RPG Elements: Light RPG mechanics allow for a more personalized approach to gameplay, where the growth and development of your settlers are in your hands.
    • Worldbuilding and Replayability: The game’s Chronicle feature and Custom Scenario mode with procedural generation promise a richly detailed universe and varied gameplay styles, ensuring that no two experiences are the same.

Released on August 17, 2023, by the adept hands of Covenant and published by Team17, “Gord” presents itself as a single-player adventure strategy game that is a testament to the allure of PC gaming. It’s a survival game that offers a fresh perspective on the strategy game genre, infusing city-building mechanics with dark fantasy elements in a narrative about dead gods and epic struggles. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of survival gaming or new to the genre, “Gord” is poised to be a dark fantasy game that demands your attention and challenges your strategic acumen.

Gameplay Mechanics and Features

In the world of “Gord,” your strategic finesse is put to the test through a myriad of gameplay mechanics that are as challenging as they are engaging. As you immerse yourself in this dark fantasy survival game, you’ll encounter the following key features that will demand your attention and shape your experience:

  • Sanity and Light Mechanics:
    • Your settlers’ mental well-being is paramount, with a sanity meter that fluctuates based on their exposure to darkness. Too much time spent away from light sources can lead to permanent mental afflictions, adding a layer of complexity to exploration.
    • Light plays a dual role; it preserves sanity but also increases visibility to enemies. Strategic placement of light sources is crucial to maintain a balance between mental health and safety from lurking Horrors.
  • Resource Management and Building:
    • The Gord game challenges you to meticulously manage resources and construct your settlement with a 360-degree building system that allows for creative customization.
    • You’ll face the constant threat of resource scarcity and the presence of hostile creatures, which necessitates careful expansion and scouting.
    • With a population cap of 16, prioritizing tasks for resource gathering and defense becomes a critical aspect of gameplay, further intensified by the sanity mechanics during exploration phases.
  • Combat and Quests:
    • Combat in Gord is turn-based, offering you the opportunity to pause and strategically position your fighters, be they melee or ranged units.
    • The game’s Religion System introduces incantations that serve offensive, utility, and support roles in battles, adding depth to your tactical approach.
    • Progression is quest-driven, with the campaign mode leading you through a storyline to its conclusion, while custom scenarios allow for tailored challenges, varying in difficulty, environment, and enemy types.

Despite its innovative approach and captivating atmosphere rooted in Slavic folklore, players have noted that Gord’s gameplay can sometimes feel cumbersome and repetitive. The game’s base-building and colony simulation aspects have been critiqued for lacking depth, and while the Horrors offer a unique challenge, combat against them is often described as lacking engagement. However, the game’s recent updates, including The Alliance DLC, have introduced new dynamics such as taming beasts, adding fresh content to explore. Additionally, ongoing performance tweaks and balance changes show a commitment to enhancing the player experience.

As you navigate the treacherous lands of Gord, keep in mind that while the game’s rich narrative and world-building are undeniable strengths, the gameplay mechanics may require patience and a willingness to embrace its complexities. Whether you’re building your settlement, managing the sanity of your colonists, or engaging in strategic combat, Gord promises a multifaceted strategy game experience that will test the limits of your PC gaming prowess.

Visuals and Atmosphere

As you delve deeper into the world of Gord, the visual and atmospheric elements stand out, crafting an immersive experience that is both dark and compelling. Here’s a closer look at the game’s aesthetic components:

  • Grim Visuals: The game’s art style embraces a satisfyingly dark palette, creating a grim and gritty visual experience that mirrors the oppressive atmosphere of its setting. This aesthetic choice complements the survival and strategy elements of the game, reinforcing the challenges you face within the world of Lysatia.
  • Atmospheric Tension: The ambiance of Gord is further intensified by the persistent wind sounds and a subtle, dark soundtrack that echoes the game’s themes. The short text dialogues from citizens contribute to the game’s oppressive vibe, with sanity management as a core mechanic, reminding you that the darkness is as much an enemy as the creatures lurking within it.

Despite the game’s strong visual and atmospheric setup, it’s not without its criticisms:

  • Mixed Reviews: While the dark and gritty visuals have been praised, critics point out that the gameplay can feel shallow and frustratingly difficult at times. This sentiment is echoed across various platforms, including Reddit and IGN, where players express their concerns about repetitiveness and a lack of engagement in the game’s combat system.
  • Artistic Promise vs. Execution: Gord’s promising art style and level design initially catch the eye, but some players feel let down by a bland story and unsatisfying building and management mechanics. The lack of polish in these areas has led to a low overall rating, with some critics advising against purchasing the game at full price.

In summary, while Gord’s visuals and atmosphere draw inspiration from the lauded aesthetic of games like The Witcher 3, with its extraordinary soundtrack and medieval undertones, it’s clear that the visual experience alone may not be enough to satisfy all players, especially when weighed against gameplay elements that some find lacking. As you consider adding this dark fantasy game to your PC gaming collection, weigh the immersive atmosphere against the potential for gameplay frustration.

Challenges and Limitations

As you delve into the Gord game, you’ll find that while it offers a rich narrative and complex gameplay, it’s not without its challenges and limitations that might detract from your overall experience. Here are a couple of points that have been brought up by the gaming community:

  • User Interface Concerns:
    • Players have noted that the user interface (UI) in Gord feels archaic and can be counterintuitive, making it a challenge to navigate through the game’s various menus and options.
    • The UI has been described as cumbersome, with complaints that it takes up an excessive amount of screen space, which can be particularly distracting and can detract from the immersive experience that the game strives to provide.
  • Contentious Graphic Content:
    • Gord doesn’t shy away from graphic violence, but its depiction of certain elements, such as child sacrifice, has raised eyebrows and sparked discussions about the necessity and taste of such content.
    • Critics and players alike have questioned whether these graphic scenes serve a purpose in enhancing the game’s themes or whether they are included for shock value, potentially overshadowing the game’s other artistic merits and stirring controversy among the PC gaming community.

While the Gord review has highlighted many of the game’s strengths, these issues are significant enough that they could influence your decision on whether this dark fantasy game is a suitable addition to your survival gaming repertoire. The gord game’s potential is clear, but whether these challenges and limitations overshadow the strategic and city-building elements will be a personal consideration for any strategy game enthusiast.

Final Verdict

Throughout this exploration of Gord, we’ve traversed the game’s foreboding landscapes and delved into its strategic depths, from its grim visual storytelling and the atmospheric embrace of Slavic mythology to the complex mechanics of settlement management and combat. The game’s unique sanity system and the challenging balance of light and darkness add layers to both the gameplay experience and the immersive narrative, positioning Gord as a distinctive title within the survival strategy genre. Yet, the critique of its interface design and the polarizing nature of its graphic content suggest that while it stands tall with potential, it may not resonate with every player’s expectations.

In sum, Gord presents a formidable engagement for strategy enthusiasts and dark fantasy aficionados alike, crafting an intricate tale of triumph and madness against the backdrop of an unforgiving, mythical world. Whether the game’s innovative features and haunting ambiance will captivate you beyond its imperfections is a journey only you can embark upon. As Covenant and Team17 continue to refine and expand Gord’s horizons, those eager to tread its perilous paths can further explore and draw their conclusions by experiencing Gord’s challenges first-hand.

4 OUT OF 5

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Q: What is the duration of gameplay for Gord? A: The length of gameplay for Gord can vary depending on the player’s style and pace.

Q: Can you describe the genre and gameplay of Gord? A: Gord is a strategy video game developed by and published by Team17. It requires players to oversee a settlement that is frequently under siege by monsters. The game merges aspects of role-playing, real-time strategy, and city-building genres to create a unique gaming experience.


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