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New World MMORPG Review: Is it a Video Game Worth Playing in 2024?

In 2024, the New World MMORPG has taken the gaming community by storm, thanks to its significant transformations and the introduction of the latest expansion, “Rise of the Angry Earth” [1]. Developed by Amazon Games and set on the mystical island of Aeternum, this multiplayer, open-world game offers a richly detailed world that captivates your imagination [1] [1] [1]. What makes the New World video game stand out is its commitment to providing high value for time and money, evident from its no subscription fee model and minimal pay-to-win features, ensuring an accessible massively multiplayer online role-playing game experience for all [2].

As we dive into the details, you’ll discover facets of New World that underscore its status as a noteworthy title in the MMORPG genre [1]. We’ll explore the enhancements brought by the annual expansions, the game’s economic model, and the thriving community that makes New World MMO not just a game, but a continuously evolving universe. With insights into its gameplay mechanics, visual and audio aesthetics, and the factors contributing to its longevity and community engagement, this review aims to help you gauge if New World MMORPG is the gaming adventure you’ve been waiting for in 2024 [3] [2] [4].

Gameplay and Mechanics Review

In the realm of MMORPGs, New World has redefined the gameplay experience with its innovative mechanics and engaging content. Here’s a deep dive into the elements that make it a standout title:

Gameplay Mechanics:

  • Action Combat System: The heart of New World lies in its action-packed combat. Players are required to master timing abilities, manage damage evasion, and execute strategic dodging. This high-speed combat system is not just about button mashing but demands tactical prowess, especially in PVP where the complexity of combat optimization offers a rich, rewarding experience.
    • Weapons and Abilities: Each player can wield two weapons, each equipped with three unique abilities and an optional heartrune ability, adding layers to combat strategy.
    • Character Progression: With the abolition of gear expertise and the introduction of artifacts offering powerful set perks, players enjoy a streamlined progression. Artifacts can be equipped in specific slots, enhancing the gameplay experience with build-specific gear levels.

Player Experience and Content:

  • Levelling and Expeditions: The levelling process has seen a significant overhaul, making it more engaging with a revamped main story questline and more accessible expeditions. These improvements reduce the grind, making the journey to the endgame more enjoyable.
    • Crafting and Gathering: Extended to max levels of 250, the crafting and gathering systems now include golden scarabs, allowing players to select two gear perks with only one random perk roll, thus adding depth to the crafting experience.
    • PVP and PVE Balance: Casual PVE players can achieve their goals effectively, while PVP enthusiasts, both casual and hardcore, will find the reward track system and the strategic depth of PVP combat highly satisfying.

Community and Engagement:

  • Diverse Activities: From Expeditions, Elite Trials, Mutated Expeditions, to 3v3 Arena and Outpost Rush, New World offers a variety of activities that cater to different player interests, fostering a vibrant community.
    • Housing and Social Features: Housing not only provides a personal space for players but also serves as a strategic point for recall, enhancing social interaction within the game.
    • Seasonal Content and Updates: The shift to a seasonal battle pass model, alongside major expansions, ensures that the game remains fresh with new content, keeping the community engaged and anticipating what’s next.

New World has indeed undergone significant transformations, making it a more accessible and enjoyable game for both new and returning players. Its blend of action combat, engaging content, and community-focused features positions it as a compelling MMORPG worth exploring in 2024.

Visual and Audio Aesthetics

As you delve into the world of Aeternum in the New World MMORPG, you’re greeted with an environment that is both visually striking and audibly immersive. The game’s artistry in creating a mood through its weather implementation is commendable, offering a dynamic experience that changes as you traverse through forests, mountains, and towns. However, it’s essential to approach these visuals with tempered expectations:

  • Graphics Quality: While the visuals of New World are undoubtedly beautiful, they fall into the medium-tier category when compared to other titles in the MMORPG genre. This distinction is crucial for setting realistic expectations about the game’s graphical fidelity.
  • Texture and Detail Inconsistencies: A notable concern is the game’s struggle with maintaining consistent texture quality and detail across different environments. For a game released in the 2020s, this inconsistency can detract from the immersive experience that MMORPGs strive to offer.

Despite these graphical nuances, New World compensates with an auditory experience that can only be described as immersive. The sound design in New World is meticulously crafted, from the rustling of leaves underfoot to the distant roar of a beast, each sound enriches your journey through Aeternum. This auditory attention to detail plays a pivotal role in creating a captivating world that beckons exploration and adventure.

In summary, while New World may not set the benchmark for top-tier graphics within the MMORPG landscape, its visual and audio aesthetics contribute significantly to an immersive gaming experience. The game’s ability to convey mood and atmosphere through weather changes and sound design adds depth to your adventure, making it a worthwhile journey for those who value immersion over graphical perfection.

Longevity and Community Engagement

In 2024, New World aims to solidify its place in the MMORPG landscape with a strategic focus on enhancing player engagement and ensuring the longevity of its community. The roadmap for the year highlights a shift towards quality over quantity, promising bug-free updates that aim to enrich the gaming experience without overwhelming players with excessive, unpolished content. This approach is critical in maintaining a stable and satisfied player base, especially in light of the competitive landscape that includes both internal projects from Amazon Games, like Blue Protocol and Throne and Liberty, and external giants such as Final Fantasy 14 and ESO. The introduction of these new MMORPGs in the spring poses a potential challenge, drawing players away, but New World counters this with the anticipation of its next expansion in the fall, strategically timing its major content release to reinvigorate interest.

Community Dynamics and Content Engagement:

  • Content Creators and Community Engagement: The New World community boasts a vibrant array of content creators including Danny, bdlg, Redbird, Baggin, Jay, Odity, and Duke Sloth, who play a pivotal role in keeping the community engaged with insightful content, guides, and entertainment. Their contributions are invaluable in sustaining a dynamic community atmosphere.
  • Seasonal Player Base: The game experiences fluctuations in its player base, with significant spikes in activity surrounding major updates and expansions. This seasonal pattern underscores the importance of delivering compelling content at regular intervals to keep the community engaged. The developers’ commitment to frequent updates and the introduction of new Expeditions and a cross-server grouping tool in 2024 are steps towards addressing this challenge.
  • PvE and PvP Content Updates: The game has expanded its endgame content to include a 10-player raid, a 20-player elite raid, and leaderboards, catering to both PvE and PvP players. The introduction of mounts, a new transmog system, and the abolition of gear expertise in the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion have been positive additions, although the game still faces criticism for lacking substantial content to sustain long-term engagement. The mixed experiences within the community, especially the competitiveness and toxicity primarily in PvP scenarios, highlight areas for improvement.

Despite the challenges, New World continues to evolve, with the team behind the game consistently delivering fresh content and game fixes. The introduction of a seasonal battle pass with free and premium reward tracks in 2023 has added a new dimension to content engagement, complementing the traditional expansion packs. The game’s monetization strategy, which now includes the seasonal battle pass and the requirement to purchase the latest expansion, reflects an effort to balance revenue generation with player satisfaction. As New World navigates through 2024, the focus on quality updates, community engagement, and strategic content releases will be pivotal in determining its position in the competitive MMORPG market.

Cost-to-Enjoyment Ratio

Evaluating the cost-to-enjoyment ratio of New World reveals a unique approach to monetization that significantly impacts player experience. Here’s a breakdown of the game’s pricing model and what it means for you:

Monetization Strategy:

  • Initial Purchase: Players pay a one-time box price for access, with periodic discounts making it more accessible.
    • New World Standard: Regular discounts up to 50%.
    • Deluxe and Azoth Editions: Include extra glamour perks and items.
  • Paid Expansions: Approximately $30 annually, introducing major content upgrades like “Rise of the Angry Earth.”
  • Seasonal Battle Pass: Offers additional, albeit minimal, benefits enhancing the gameplay without leading to a pay-to-win scenario.

What You Get:

  • Content and Updates: The game has transitioned to a model that includes both free and paid content, ensuring players always have something new to explore.
    • Rise of the Angry Earth: Increased level cap, new weapons, mounts, and significant quality-of-life improvements.
    • Seasonal System: Engages players with battle passes and evolving stories, keeping the community vibrant and active.
  • Customization Options: With the introduction of transmog systems and gear sets, players can personalize their characters without impacting gameplay balance.
    • Transmog Tokens: Earned in-game or available for purchase, allowing for gear appearance changes.
    • In-Game Store: Focuses on cosmetic and housing items, avoiding pay-to-win pitfalls.

Value Proposition:

  • New World’s buy-to-play model, combined with its strategic monetization through expansions and a seasonal battle pass, presents a compelling value for MMO enthusiasts. The game’s approach ensures that players can enjoy a rich, evolving world without the necessity of a subscription fee. This model supports the game’s development while respecting the player’s investment, making New World an attractive option for those looking for a deep and engaging MMORPG experience without ongoing costs. The inclusion of major content updates and the ability to personalize gameplay through cosmetic purchases further enhance the cost-to-enjoyment ratio, offering a balanced and fair monetization strategy that aligns with player expectations in 2024.


Through this comprehensive review, it’s evident that New World has remarkably carved a niche for itself within the MMORPG landscape of 2024. With its diverse gameplay mechanics, engaging player experiences, and a dynamic community focus, the game stands out as a noteworthy venture into the genre. The blend of action-packed combat, richly crafted storylines, and continual expansions like “Rise of the Angry Earth” ensures a constantly evolving universe that appeals to both new and veteran players. The strategic emphasis on quality updates and community engagement underpins its potential for sustained popularity and relevance in the competitive gaming market.

Moreover, New World’s unique approach to monetization, balancing the cost-to-enjoyment ratio through a buy-to-play model alongside thoughtfully priced expansions and a seasonal battle pass, highlights a commitment to accessible MMORPG enjoyment without compromising on content richness or player experience. As the game navigates the challenges and opportunities that 2024 presents, its ongoing adaptations and updates promise to keep the world of Aeternum an immersive, engaging, and worthwhile adventure. For those pondering whether to embark on this journey, New World offers a blend of imaginative gameplay, a supportive community, and fair monetization that could well justify making it your next digital escapade.


Is “New World” Worth Playing in 2024?

As of 2024, “New World” has seen considerable improvements with its latest expansion, “Rise of the Angry Earth,” alongside numerous updates that have enhanced the game. Notable changes include the removal of gear expertise, the introduction of mounts, Raids, Expeditions, and new PvP game modes, making it an appealing choice for players.

How Does “New World” Stand Out in the MMO Genre?

While “New World” may not redefine the MMO genre, it stands out as a solid game, especially when found on sale. It offers enjoyable leveling content, which is somewhat unique in the MMO space, and provides extensive horizontal progression for players.

Can “New World” be Played Solo?

Indeed, “New World” offers a fulfilling solo gameplay experience. The game’s crafting and gathering systems are highly praised and considered some of the best in the MMO genre, allowing for a rewarding experience even for those who prefer to play alone.

Is “New World” Still Popular Among Players?

Yes, “New World” continues to maintain a player base as we move into 2024. At its launch, the game reached a peak viewership of 977,018 on Twitch. Currently, it maintains an average viewership of about 3,915 over a 7-day period on Twitch, indicating a sustained interest in the game.

The Official New World Website | New World – Open World MMO PC Game

4 OUT OF 5 for 2024


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